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Hello everyone, at the last meeting we had planed on doing field day at Jeff kd8lmi’s house, due to circumstances unforeseen at the time of planning we are no longer able to use that location. Also, due to a lack of ability to stay over night at local parks we are in able to secure a new location for field day with only one week left. The arrow club reached out and offered for us to have field day with them at the Ann arbor airport across from Costco.  If anyone is interested feel free to attend. I am planning on stopping by and operating for some of the day on Saturday and it would be great to have a few other members attend as well!  Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

Hi Mike
The ARROW Club and University of Michigan Amateur Radio Club would like to invite the members of the Chelsea Amateur Radio Club to the Field Day 2017 event at the Ann Arbor Airport. This event is scheduled to run from Saturday, June 24th, 2 pm to Sunday, June 25th, 2 pm.

We will be operating as 3A with a GOTA station. We have one CW station, one SSB station and one 40m SSB station that would stay on 40 meters the entire weekend, while the other SSB station would ‘roam’ 20-10m during the day and 75/80 at night.
Dinesh Cyanam
ARROW President/FD Coordinator

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