Is it “kelvins” or “degrees K”?

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In many science writings, it is necessary to reference temperature in the Kelvin scale. But did you know that there are more ways to go wrong in how you pen your temperature than you have fingers to count? One of our members put together a document describing some of these nuances that you may be interested in. Degrees Kelvin or… Read more »

Keep An Eye Out for RC Stolen Equipment

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An RC club in Highland, Michigan (north of Milford) was victimized by a robbery. The crooks got 4 solar panels that were 60×40″, 4 large lead-acid batteries, and an EDECOA 2kW inverter. The inverter is green aluminum looking like a pine tree. Keep your eye peeled for these items. Items like these are likely to come across the path of… Read more »

Learn by Doing Smith Charts

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Where Have We at Chelsea Been The Chelsea Amateur Radio Club (CARC) began sponsoring license upgrade training using the Smith Chart as the operational vehicle. Wes Cardone (N8QM) has been presenting a series of lessons centered around the Smith Chart with the premise that the student already knew a lot about electromagnetics relating to the Smith Chart but just didn’t… Read more »


The February 2023 Meeting of the Chelsea Amateur Radio Club At the February meeting of the Chelsea Amateur Radio Club, Wes Cardone (N8QM) will present information on soldering. How Good is Good? In amateur radio, you can often get away with rudimentary soldering practices. You may consider that as long as there seems to be bonding when you solder that… Read more »

Phased Verticals for Directed Transmission

I think that we are all aware of the semi-tractor trailer rigs we see on the highways with dual CB antennas. Obviously, they are trying to direct their propagation forward and to their rear. More than likely, these are simply spliced into a CB transceiver (to their demise) without regard for any specific configuration of transmission or feedline. We found… Read more »

QRZ Promotional HT for New Hams

      No Comments on QRZ Promotional HT for New Hams is offering a promotion for a 2-meter handheld, programming software, and programming cable for under $60. This is a special program to get new hams started and is sponsored by and GigaParts. This is applicable for hams who recently obtained their amateur radio license. It is currently running until December 31 with over 2,000 units having gone out… Read more »