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This website contains antenna and other amateur radio projects and is well documented.

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Are you trying to decide between the IC-7300 and the FT-991A? Join the crowd. Both of these are magnificent transceivers but each amateur radio operator has different needs. More than likely, either one would fit the bill for one looking at these but the fact remains that one may have advantages only revealed with a deep introspection.

History of the Car Radio

We didn’t find this one. It was submitted to us by an enterprising youngster named Dylan. It includes a great timeline featuring the large-scale radio broadcasting boom of the 1920’s, the invention of the first radio for military purposes, the form and function of early car radios, and more. How many of you remember the days when you had to be careful to not let the car radio play too long with the engine off because it would run down the battery before the invention of the transistor.

Dave Foster, a retired geologist and member of the Cascades Amateur Radio Society (Jackson, Michigan) gave a presentation recently titled “Radio Rocks.” No, it has nothing to do with Elvis Presley. It details the critical part crystals played into the days leading up to and into World War II. The crystal played a critical war in facilitating reliable radio communications for the allies in the war.