SCn More Aug 2, 2022 Agenda

  1. Introduction — 5 minutes
  2. A very brief discussion of imaginary numbers to let students know that these are your friend — 5 minutes.
  3. View “The ABCs of Smith Charts For the Beginner” — 10 minutes
  4. Entertain questions on the animation — 10 minutes
  5. Present the open-circuit concept — 15 minutes
  6. Why does the max voltage appear at both ends of a half-wave antenna — 10 min.
    Because you know this, you therefore already know the following:
    1. What is the current at the ends?
    2. What is the voltage at the center?
    3. Since Ohm’s Law is Voltage / Current:
      1. What is the impedance at the center?
      2. What is the impedance at the ends?
      3. Move the feed point to someplace other than the center (either end or any point in between). Does this affect the voltage appearing at the ends? Why?
  7. Concluding comments and homework assignment — 5 minutes
  8. Are you beginning to understand why you should hate cookbooks? Tonight you learned about open circuits allowing you to figure out a bunch of other things.

It is the current plan to, in the next couple of days from tonight, publish both the homework assignment and notes from tonight’s presentation on this page.

Login into the Zoom session using: the passcode is 680541