LTSpice GUI Help Needed

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UPDATE: I have secured help on this item. Thank you.


My dear amateur radio friends and compatriots:

I could really use some help with an article that I am writing for publication in ARRL’s QEX magazine. The article documents a computer simulation fuse model together with its characterization protocol. You can read its abstract here.

I have already solve the VBA script needed, expressed in the blog post listed above, but now I need some help with the LTSpice GUI. I have expert knowledge of what is under the hood of LTSpice, but I know very little about its graphical user interface. I need help with formulating a hierarchical structure and parameter and variable passing using the LTSpice GUI.

If you give me the help I am looking for I will credit you in the article so you will see your name appearing in the QEX magazine.

please email: for further information.

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