Phased Verticals for Directed Transmission

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I think that we are all aware of the semi-tractor trailer rigs we see on the highways with dual CB antennas. Obviously, they are trying to direct their propagation forward and to their rear. More than likely, these are simply spliced into a CB transceiver (to their demise) without regard for any specific configuration of transmission or feedline.

We found a nice YouTube video that describes the phasing process while “throwing away the cookbook.” We hate cookbooks and we think that you should too. The author of the video describes what is happening electromagnetically so that you can adapt the information for your own purposes rather than follow somebody’s cookbook step-by-step instructions.

Our very own KB6NU Dan of “Ham in a Day” has written up a very nice and down-to-earth article on phased verticals.

We also found a nice practical application of phase vertical antennas. This blog post does not delve much into the theory so much as its practical application.

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