Smith Chart Training

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The Chelsea Amateur Radio Club (CARC) is committed to promoting amateur radio within our own community. We rely on help from the American Radio (ARRL) which was Releag founded in 1912 during radio’s infancy.

February 28th, 2023 Update

Classes are closed for the spring and summer months.


Smith Charts and More is weekly video conference training sponsored by the Chelsea Amateur Radio Club and offered free to the amateur public. For a full explanation of this endeavor, please visit the blog post describing it.

Shown below is the tentative plan of presentation for the named date. When you log into the Zoom session, it is essential to log in as “FIRST NAME (AMATEUR CALL SIGN). If not a licensed amateur, just log in with your full name, although you will not be recognized for asking questions but you are welcome nevertheless and we are here to help you enter amateur radio.

Archives of past training sessions


February 21st, 2023 — Last week we spent a lot of time looking at capacitive reactance. We then reviewed the first 4 critical metric measures of the Smith Chart: 1. The equator; 2. northern hemisphere; and 3. the southern hemisphere; and lastly 4. Home Plate. All that we left was phase. This week we will briefly look at those same things (but much more briefly) and then we will advance to setting up the nanoVNA.

February 28th, 2023 — No Class tonight. Classes are closed until later this year.