2023 Chelsea Amateur Radio Club Swap Meet

2023 Chelsea Amateur Radio Swap Meet

The 2023 swap meet was held on June 4th and was a partner operation with the Vintage Electronics Expo.

Please stay tuned for information on the 2024 season Chelsea Amateur Radio Club swap meet (June 2nd).

Of special interest is that an author of an article in this month’s QEX magazine will be speaking about his article and giving previews of his next article to be submitted for publication.

These swap meets are always a huge success for the amateur community. Listed below are some YouTube videos of past events.

Special guest speaker.

For information or to sign up for space to sell your stuff, look at the forms below or contact Michelle Dye — wd8iel@gmail.com .

YouTube Videos on Previous Year Meets

Here it is!!

Below is a copy of the flyer and the Reservation Form for our event. Please feel free to download the forms as needed. We look forward to seeing you there! 73!