WD8IEL Welcome Letter

Thanks for your participation on the WD8IEL repeaters!

Whether you stumbled on it by accident or you purposefully chose to connect – we’re glad you did, and we welcome you to the WD8IEL community.

 The WD8IEL club repeaters are a linked at times with other linked/bridged networks, nodes, and technologies that provides amateur radio operators a convergence of platforms where users of various systems such as Allstar, Echolink, and Hamshack Hotline can seamlessly communicate through the club repeaters.

The frequency pairs for these club repeaters belong to the Chelsea Amateur Radio Club. All of the hardware is maintained, and operated by Jeff Thrush (KD8LMI), who utilizes available capabilities to enhance the effectiveness of today’s amateur radio for the benefit and enjoyment of all amateurs.

 Although we are the WD8IEL club in name, at any one time there may be hundreds of connected nodes, repeaters and users from across the country and around the world. As with any large community, the WD8IEL club repeaters includes people of all skill levels, backgrounds, interests, and experience. Whether you got your license two days ago or 30 years ago, it doesn’t matter – you’re welcome on our repeaters. A requirement, however, is that everyone is respectful of each other and follows standard amateur radio best-practices and Part 97 rules. As such, please review the link on the WD8IEL webpage for our repeater use guidelines. Also, here are a few general tips for trouble-free use of the repeaters:

1. Pause 2 seconds after keying-up to talk to allow your signal to propagate through the network; there are many linked repeaters and nodes.

2. Pause 3 seconds between transmissions to allow other stations to break-in, or to allow other users to disconnect.

3. Set your radio, node, or repeater transmitter Time Out Timer (TOT) to 3 minutes or less. Continuous transmission for more than 3 minutes will cause the system to timeout and may impact other users and connected systems.

4. Enjoy the use of our repeaters and make many contacts; however, please be respectful of others who may want to use the system; keep your QSOs to a “reasonable” amount of time to allow others to use it as well.

5. Keep your QRZ page up-to-date with current contact information (i.e., email, address). There may be times when our club board members or repeater trustee may need to get in touch with you, and QRZ.com is the contact source that we refer to.

Again, thanks for using the WD8IEL repeaters; we hope to hear you again soon!


The WD8IEL Board Members

Contact List:

James Grissom (KD8RFW — JRGrissom7@gmail.com

Wes Cardone (N8QM) — n8qm@arrl.net
Repeater Trustee

Michelle Dye

Paul Dye

Margaret Goodrich — w8mag@arrl.net