May 3rd, 2023: RF Exposure Limits and You

The following information was taken from the FCC website identified in the citation below. The FCC pdf document is 65 pages and covers every imaginable situation or question you may have.

You have until May 3, 2023 to get this right so you better get crack’n.

Many categories and classifications are exempt. But we must ask, “Exempt from what?”

No station is exempt from compliance with the FCC’s rules and with the MPE limits. However, many amateur stations are categorically exempt from the requirement to perform a routine station evaluation for compliance. page 4

If exempt, there is no need to do a station evaluation. This is because the circumstances under which exempt stations are usually operated are such that the station is presumed to be in compliance with the MPEs. Here is a list.

  • Stations operating at or below the power levels given in Table 1 of the referenced document. For 2-meters this is 50 Watts. Again, you are not exempt from the RF exposure requirement but you are exempt from having to evaluate the RF exposure.
  • Stations using mobile and portable transmitters need not be evaluated.
  • Repeaters meeting the following criteria
    • 500 Watts or less
    • Antennas
      • not mounted on buildings
      • Mounted on standalone towers
      • Located at least 10 meters above ground

Please note, however, that the FCC reserves the right to order an evaluation in any case.

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