FCC Amateur Lookup Down for Maintenance

Have you tried to look up somebody’s amateur call information lately? Have you run into a brick wall? You are not alone.

The ARRL is reporting that an email was sent by the FCC to all VECs informing them of some problems with processing new applications for amateur radio licenses.

The natural question to ask is what was the last Zone 8 license to be issued. This is an iterative process done merely by trial and error via the ARRL search engine. We know that the licensing was at least in the KE9Y phase. With iterative testing it appears that the next letter of the last license is the letter “O” for a KE8YO. The best that I could come up with is license KE8YOC belonging to Tyler Hoisington of Greenville, Ohio issued on June 10 of 2023. It appears that there has been no license (as reflected in the ARRL database) for KE8YOD.

Here is what the FCC is saying about it:

On-line Public Inspection filing (OPIF) is currently experiencing issues.

Notification System:

Public Inspection Files (PIF)

Users may experience unusual slowness with the On-line Public Inspection filing (OPIF) system. We are in the process of troubleshooting and hope to resolve this issue soon. 

CORES Paper Mail Disruption

Effective Date:

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Notification System:

Commission Registration System (CORES)

Due to the ongoing health crisis, the FCC will temporarily discontinue its practice of mailing letters to CORES account holders to memorialize the following actions:

  • Registration Confirmation
  • Password Notification
  • Password Reset
  • Password Security Question Reset
  • Registration Update

We apologize for the inconvenience. We will resume this service when the FCC returns to full work capacity.

Daily / Weekly Public Access files are currently not being updated.

Notification System:

Universal Licensing System (ULS)

Daily / Weekly Public Access files are currently not being updated. 
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Universal Licensing System and all ULS Specialized Searches are currently down.

Notification System:

Universal Licensing System (ULS)

Universal Licensing System, including Electronic Batch Filing (EBF), Application Search, License Search, License Manager, Tower Construction Notification System, E-106 System, Antenna Structure Registration Online Filing, ASR Application Search, ASR Registration Search, TOWAIR and all ULS Specialized Searches, are currently down.  Refer to Public Notice DA-23-506.

System Alerts & Notifications | Federal Communications Commission (fcc.gov)

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