EZNEC J-Pole Modeling (and Deep-Dive)

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A Qualitative Presentation

At last month’s meeting (February 2024), we introduced the free EZNEC antenna modeling software. It was a very introduction-oriented presentation that explained what it was all about.

For the March 2024 meeting (Tuesday, March 12th), we will be presenting concepts relating to what EZNEC software demands from you, the user. That is, what ratios in wire lengths and other dimensions you need to observe to, first of all, get it to work and, second, to give you accurate results. It will be a 30-minute qualitative presentation where we only touch on actual calculations.

The slides for the Tuesday presentation are available for viewing below. Updates are likely, as I find typos or even glaring errors. There have been several revisions since my initial upload to this blog. Download a final version just before the meeting.

A special full-hour

A special full-hour video conference presentation will be given the following evening (Wednesday, March 14, 2024) at 7 PM in which we will do a deep-dive into the actual modeling of the J-Pole for EZNEC simulation. An Excel spreadsheet will also be presented at that time which has been especially designed to simplify the calculations.

What Presented at the Club Meeting Tuesday

There are four considerations we will be presenting. We will only briefly examine these at the meeting, explaining their nature. Presenting a complete model in our traditional 30-minute time slot for meeting presentations is too complicated. However, we will follow up with a one-hour Zoom video conference presentation the following night. In that presentation, we will present the technical aspects of the model doing a deep-dive and the special considerations necessary to observe.

Our presenter, Wes Cardone (N8QM) has developed an Excel spreadsheet that organizes the demands of EZNEC in a fashion where the solution to each wire length is fairly easy to solve for.

The notes for the Tuesday (March 12th) presentation may be viewed below.

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