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Is Aluminum Electrical Wiring in Your Car’s Future?

In April 1974, two people were killed in a house fire in Hampton Bays, New York. Fire officials determined that the fire was caused by a faulty aluminum wire connection at an outlet. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), “Homes wired with aluminum wire manufactured before 1972 [‘old technology’ aluminum wire] are 55 times more likely to have… Read more »

May 3rd, 2023: RF Exposure Limits and You

The following information was taken from the FCC website identified in the citation below. The FCC pdf document is 65 pages and covers every imaginable situation or question you may have. You have until May 3, 2023 to get this right so you better get crack’n. Many categories and classifications are exempt. But we must ask, “Exempt from what?” No… Read more »

March 2023 Club Meeting: Paralleling Portable Generators

March 14, 2023 Club Meeting at 7 PM by Zoom For the March meeting of the Chelsea Amateur Radio Club (March 14th, 2023), Wesley Cardone will be giving a presentation on paralleling of portable generators. The presentation will examine the electrical theory enabling attendees to understand many other aspects of what happens when you hook to of these things together…. Read more »

5G… Not Again!

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Patrons of the Chelsea Amateur Radio Club website blog may recall presentations and blog posts on 5G and your health. Recall that the premise of these presentations was that as an amateur radio operator, you already have all the tools and knowledge that you need to adjudicate for yourself the nature of 5G technology and its potential effect on the… Read more »

Is it “kelvins” or “degrees K”?

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In many science writings, it is necessary to reference temperature in the Kelvin scale. But did you know that there are more ways to go wrong in how you pen your temperature than you have fingers to count? One of our members put together a document describing some of these nuances that you may be interested in. Degrees Kelvin or… Read more »