SCn More November 29th, 2022

  • In this class, we will review last week’s material.
  • Our review will be by means of a supposed move of your ham shack.
  • In moving your ham shack, you added several feet of feedline to the antenna.
  • For simplification, we are ignoring the velocity factor.
  • How many half-wavelengths of feedline did you add?
  • Why talk half-wavelengths instead of wavelengths?
  • What phase does that represent at our allocated frequency?
  • We have the vector impedance measured with the original configuration of feedline.
  • What new vector impedance should we expect to measure with the additional length of feedline?
  • We found that
    • The net reactance changed from inductive to capacitive. Why?
    • The impedance magnitude (Z) changed from 37 Ohms to 47 Ohms.
    • The SWR remained UNCHANGED.
    • Therefore, should we expect the antenna performance to
      • improve
      • degrade
      • remain unchanged

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