April Meeting: EZNEC Antenna Segments Made Easy

More on EZNEC at the April 2024 club meeting.

Have you dabbled with EZNEC antenna modeling software (or any of the other free NEC derived antenna modeling software applications) and found it just did not work out for you? Join the crowd.

At the April meeting of the Chelsea Amateur Radio Club, Wesley Cardone (N8QM) will give a third presentation on the free antenna modeling software package EZNEC. In the first presentation(given at the February 2024 meeting), Wes introduced us to EZNEC putting up the slides on the website for downloading. Later, he put up a blog post giving more background information on EZNEC. Then he gave a second presentation at the March 2024 meeting, where we learned the basic rules regarding wire “segments” on a qualitative level. He followed up the next day by video conference, Wednesday March 13, 2024, presenting the same information on a quantitative level calling it a “deep dive.” Slide handouts for all presentations may be found at those links.

For the April 2024 meeting of the Chelsea Amateur Radio Club, Wes will be briefly reviewing the same EZNEC wire segment rules as was presented earlier but then showing the EZNEC feature called “Auto Seg” which optimizes the wire segments for the design that you have put in. In making the design you have already put in various wire segment specifications but then you give EZNEC permission to optimize them. This feature is BIG and makes the use of EZNEC practical.

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